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A unique, boutique wine store located in Historic Ellicott City, Maryland. We cater to the novice as well as the connoisseur with a wide range of wines, premium spirits and gourmet beers. Our customers come from around the area, including Columbia, Elkridge, Clarksville, Savage, Catonsville, Owings Mills, Laurel, Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland.
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We’re still celebrating summer at The Bin! Join us tonight for our summer movie showing! Bring a chair, bring a friend, grab a bottle of wine and ...

Oct 4
Yappy Hour – Oct 4

Yappy Hours will now be on the first and third Fridays EVERY month!

Oct 5
Call a Chocoholic: Chocolate Cocktails

Everyone we know loves chocolate and for good measure.

Oct 6
It’s all Greek to me! Greek Wine

Greece was one of the most influential producers of wine to the ancient world.

Omaka Springs Estates Sauvignon Blanc
Aromatic but not bombastic, this shows grapefruit, apple and lemon aromas on the nose that are followed by herbal notes ...
Noblet Macon-Fuisse Chardonnay
100% Chardonnay. Golden straw color. Very intense aromas of pear and nectarine are enhanced by a dash of warm baking spi...
Lagrimas de Graciano
This bright and refreshing wine has concentrated aromas and flavors of red fruits, licorice and eucalyptus. Full-bodied,...
Heavyweight Zinfandel
A robust Zinfandel from the region’s signature 50-100-year-old vines. This wine is bursting with jammy raspberry, blac...
8390 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Feb 21

The Bin is thrilled to be selling Crowlers or as we like to call them... BAC... Big Ass Can.

Swing into The Bin to see what's on tap and pick up some fresh ...

Cocktail Classes

Learn the art of making the perfect cocktail.  Each class features 3 craft cocktails built around a unique spirit or liquor. Learn tips and techniques along with a little history: this is a great way to start building a craft spirit bar!

All classes feature a $10.00 Credit towards purchase.

Classes all start at 2:00PM

Reservations required.

Call us for more information: 410-465-7802

Upcoming Classes:

September 7th Scotch Cocktails $30

We all know a scotch purist who insists that there is no other way to enjoy scotch except neat or on the rocks. Scotch is another one of those divine and complex spirits that ranges from light and soft to smoky and intense. In this class we will take the unpopular opinion and use scotch to make some classic cocktails worthy of a leather bound (or velvet!) chair and a cigar.


September 14th Low/No alcohol Cocktails $25

Cocktails are fun to mix up, yet many of the recipes are pretty heavy on the alcohol. Sometimes you just want/need to have an extremely refreshing cocktail that isn’t quite so boozy. In this class you will learn how to make a delicious drink when you’re in the mood without the strong liquors.


October 5th Call a Chocoholic: Chocolate Cocktails $30

Everyone we know loves chocolate and for good measure. It was once considered only fit for consumption by royalty. The problem with most chocolate cocktails however is they are so sweet they could destroy your taste buds and give you a wicked hangover. This class is designed to do the opposite by using sweet and savory chocolate in subtle ways to enhance a cocktail.


October 12th Gourds Gone Wild: Pumpkin cocktails $30

Ok don’t make that face! Yes, we understand everyone and their mother has a pumpkin version of something, and just when we think it can’t get any worse, here comes pumpkin flavored spam!!! Woof! You have to admit that it wouldn’t be fall without pumpkins and of the least offensive ways to have pumpkin is in a cocktail. In this class we will make some show-stopping cocktails that aren’t basic.


Nov 2nd Maryland Lost Cocktails $30

“The Southside, Diamondback and the Preakness–Marylanders imbibe history in their native cocktails, from local favorites to little-known classics. Early residents favored fruit brandies and potent punches until the Civil War, when rye whiskey laid claim to local palates. During the golden age of the cocktail, grand hotels like Baltimore’s Belvedere created smooth concoctions such as the Frozen Rye, but the dry days of Prohibition interrupted the good times.”  – Forgotten Maryland Cocktails: a history of drinking in the free state. Using historic recipes, we will explore a few of Maryland’s forgotten cocktails.


November 16th Bourbon Cocktails $30

Bourbon purists will tell you that adding even a drop of water will ruin the whiskey’s flavor, but that’s just one of the many myths surrounding the spirit. In fact, there are an array of delicious classic and modern cocktails that call for bourbon. We have all heard of the Manhattan and the old fashioned, so this class is designed to show Bourbons range as a perfect cocktail companion.


Nov 23 Big Batch/ Party Cocktails $30

This class focuses on cocktails that are meant to keep the host out of the kitchen or bar and out to mingle with family and friends. These cocktails can be made by the pitcher, carafe or beverage decanter in advance and are sure to please any crowd