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Old World Vs. New World – Holiday Tasting Package



• La Croix Belle Chardonnay

• Dry Canyon Chardonnay

• Rubus Pinot Noir

• Cycles Gladiator Pinot noir

• Anne de Joyeuse Malbec

• Andeluna de Raices Malbec

• Domaine du Chateau Deau Cabernet Sauvignon

• Never Look Back Cabernet Sauvignon

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The Wine Bin gang misses tasting wines with you at The Bin

So they invented a way to bring the tasting experience to you pandemic style.  
After curating this special collection, Dave and Maria were captured on video enjoying them so you can share their wine insights, backstories and special brand of hilarity. Sip, savor and smile your way through these high quality, high value wines and discover your new house favorites.
Your purchase includes the downloadable video.

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